Indoor Air Quality Schenectady NY

Long Energy is proud to offer the very best products to keep your home cool, clean and comfortable in Columbia, Schenectady, Saratoga, Albany, Schoharie and Rensselaer Counties.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning is at the heart of your home cooling system. And at Long Energy, we will install new, ultra-efficient cooling systems whose extra efficiency translates into lower cooling costs for you. Please talk to us about your cooling needs. We can help you choose the right system: efficient, quiet, and making use of the latest in cooling technology. We’ll install it to maximize your home comfort all summer long … and our professional, factory-trained technicians will expertly service and maintain your systems so you’ll be ready for those hot, sticky days with a system that is running at peak efficiency.

Stay Cool in the Summertime   –Beat the heat with these handy tips …

  • Keep drapes, blinds and shades closed during the day to block out heat.
  • Clear furniture away from A/C vents.
  • Install an attic fan — it significantly reduces accumulated heat and can cool your attic nearly 30 degrees!
  • Properly insulate ducts.
  • Weather-strip and caulk your home to stop hot outside air from coming in … and cooled air from leaking out!
  • Limit heat and humidity producing tasks like cooking and baking to early morning or late evening.
  • Use a natural “sun block.” A well-placed tree or bush can direct breezes and deliver effective shade.

Central air conditioning systems

  • All residential or commercial central air needs
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Fast, even cooling
  • No more “hot and cold spots”

We proudly feature …

Trane is at the forefront of the indoor comfort industry. Built on a foundation of innovation and advanced technology to provide lasting comfort, Trane Air Conditioners deliver environmentally sound comfort through its use of Puron® refrigerant — superior in performance and energy efficiency, chlorine-free, and environmentally friendly.

What’s the best way to stay comfortable throughout the cooling season? Sign up for Long Energy’s air conditioning tune-up and inspection plan. Click here for full details.

Indoor air quality products

How’s the air in there?According to the EPA, the air inside your home may be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. Most people spend 90% of their time indoors, so it is important to determine the quality of your indoor air. Possible indoor air quality problems can be detected by the presence of unusual odors or “stale” air. There are also physical signs you will be able to see. Look for mold or mildew in rooms that may have excess humidity. If your heating and/or air conditioning equipment is dirty, your home most likely suffers from poor indoor air quality.

Outsmart indoor air pollution.

Trust Long Energy to provide the most advanced Indoor Air Quality products available today. We feature equipment from the industry’s finest manufacturers designed to help you get the indoor air quality in your home to be fresh, clean … and healthy. Contact us and we’ll be happy to show you all the ways we can help improve your air quality and protect your family’s health. As always, you can reply on Long Energy to get the job done right.


Keep indoor air fresh and comfortable

Humidifiers regulate indoor moisture levels to enhance air quality and comfort. A properly humidified home can make you feel warmer in winter and cooler in summer. If the humidity is too low, people may experience physical discomforts such as a dry nose, throat, lips and skin. Low humidity may also wreak havoc on your home, causing static electricity, cracks in furniture and paint, and peeling wallpaper. High levels of humidity can cause a room to feel stuffy and create an environment in which biological contaminants can thrive. Moisture is often added or removed from indoor air to make a room feel more comfortable.

Air cleaners

Pollutants in your home’s air can cause poor indoor air quality, which in turn may cause dizziness and headaches, plus aggravate allergies and asthma. Air cleaners can go a long way toward improving the air you breathe.

  • Remove dust, mold, and pollen
  • Maintain a healthy home