Gas Service Plan

Regular maintenance, cleaning, and servicing will keep your existing gas heating system operating at its peak energy efficiency and safety. A poorly functioning system means more than just a cold home — it can be dangerous. Gas leaks and poor ventilation are problems you don’t want to face. These dangers can be avoided with a Gas Service Plan.

Tune-up & Inspection

  1. Clean and check gas burners; making any necessary adjustments for safety and comfort.
  2. Check gas valve and thermocouple for safe and proper operation.
  3. Clean ignition and pilot assembly for better efficiency and operation.
  4. Clean and check thermostat and calibration.
  5. Clean vent system and monitor flue for proper draft conditions.
  6. Inspect chimney base and clean.
  7. Lubricate all blower assemblies, check blower belts and motors to extend equipment reliability.
  8. Inspect all controls for proper cycling and any conditions that may exist.
  9. Check and replace air filter, if necessary, for proper air flow and operation.
  10. Check and tighten all electrical connections to avoid unnecessary interruptions of heat.

Option: Coverage for Hot Water Heater

  • Tune-up must be performed with annual inspection.