Air Conditioning Service Plan

It’s hard to put a price tag on the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your air conditioning is functioning at peak efficiency and is less likely to conk out in the heat of summer. With an Air Conditioning Service Plan, you’ll receive an annual tune-up and preventive maintenance designed to keep your system running at maximum output.

Air Conditioning

20% Discount On Parts And Labor
Customers will receive a 20% discount on parts and labor.
Annual Tune-up & Inspection

  1. Clean and inspect outside condensing unit and check for proper operation and air flow. This is the #1 reason for air conditioning compressor failures. Proper care will decrease the operating cost and increase the life of the unit.
  2. Check outside condensing fan blade for tightness and proper operation.
  3. Inspect and clean condensate drains and pumps to avoid any unnecessary water damage.
  4. Check refrigerant for proper pressure and possible leaks
  5. Inspect all controls for proper function cycling and any dangerous conditions that may exist.
  6. Lubricate blower assemblies, check blower belts and motors to extend equipment reliability
  7. Check amp draw and capacitor for proper operation.
  8. Check and replace air filter, if necessary, for proper air flow and operation.
  9. Clean evaporator coil if accessible.
  10. Check superheat/sub-cooling charge for proper temperatures