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Modern Oil heat has always been a clean fuel – so clean it boasts near-zero emissions. ULSHO is the cleanest Oil heat you can buy. Its cost is far less to heat your entire home than to heat your home with electricity.

Oil heat is incredibly safe; it is non-toxic and non-explosive. Before heating oil will burn, it must vaporize. The burner unit acts as a finely tuned carbunretor, turning the fuel into a vapor for efficient combustion in a sealed chamber, eliminating explosions caused by oil heat.

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Oil heating systems are based on the principle that the burner flame produces hot water, hot air or steam which is circulated throughout the house to heat your home. An oil burner is the most important part of your heating system, however, the oil burner does not burn oil.

An oil burner combines fuel oil from the tank with the right amount of air and works it to the point of ignition at the burner head. Fuel oil in its liquid state does not burn, therefore ignition can only happen after the burner has atomized the oil to a fine spray of oil particles. After, the particles mix with the air in the burner, then ignited by a spark generated by the burner’s transformer.

Home Heating Oil Schoharie NY

Oil heat is the best fuel available for space heating. Oil provides a strong flame that yields better heat and faster hot water than other fuels, and dealers are incorporating environmentally friendly renewable fuels, with strong backing from the State of New York.

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Despite all the talk about rising oil prices, Oil heat is generally the value leader. Oilheat has been less expensive than natural gas in New York State for most of the past 20 years, on a BTU-for-BTU basis.
Hundreds of independent companies in and around New York City sell Oil heat. Dealers price their oil competitively and work diligently to satisfy customers. The companies that thrive tend to be very customer-oriented. Their customers enjoy friendly, responsive service; expert maintenance and installation; helpful budget programs; and great conservation advice.
Oil heat equipment is constantly evolving to incorporate advancements in efficiency and comfort. Today’s boilers and furnaces use high-tech alloys and sophisticated electronics to enable flexible operation that can be customized to match actual conditions. Many new boilers are designed to incorporate weather-responsive controls that greatly reduce fuel usage during mildly cold weather and provide a more even heat with fewer temperature swings. Other important advancements include two-stage burners that conserve fuel and electronically commutated furnace blowers that save electricity, provide smoother operation and work well with high-efficiency central air conditioning systems. Most full-service Oil heat dealers employ expert technicians who are certified to install and service today’s advanced systems.
America’s Oil heat supply is being expanded with the introduction of renewable biofuel. Derived from plants and food byproducts, biofuel is environmentally friendly and boosts the U.S. economy with the creation of production jobs and the potential to reduce petroleum imports. Biofuel is blended with traditional Oil heat to create Bioheat®, which is approved by ASTM for use in all Oil heat applications. Oil-fired heating systems can use Bioheat without any modifications, and the emissions are cleaner. The State of New York supports the use of biofuels with a direct tax credit.