Kerosene Delivery Albany NY

Kerosene Fuel Delivery Albany NY

At Long Energy, we’re fueled by the desire to satisfy and supply all of our customers’ energy requirements – including kerosene – which we deliver to our entire service area. Kerosene has been warming folks for over 100 years! If you live in our service area, we can provide you with kerosene products for your heating needs.

Kerosene Fuel:

• All grades kerosene (including certified K1 kerosene)

Time to Upgrade!

The peak performance of an upgraded system can save you up to 25% in heating and hot water costs!

Five signs that your system may need upgrading:

  • Uneven heating throughout your home
  • Time lag between turning on the heat and actually feeling it
  • More frequent breakdowns and service calls
  • Rising energy bills even when you turn the temperature down
  • Noticeable soot or dirt
Here’s what you can expect when you install a new system:

  • A smaller, cleaner, quieter system
  • Even heat throughout your home
  • Better control over room temperature
  • Lower heating bills and service costs
  • Inexpensive and abundant hot water